Used Plastic Barrels, Totes, Metal Drums and other Storage Containers


Plastic Siphon



Used Plastic Barrels, Totes, Metal Drums and other Storage Containers

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5 Gallon Barrel/Drum Closed Top
15 Gallon Barrel/Drum Closed Top
30 Gallon Barrel/Drum Closed Top
30 Gallon Barrel/Drum Open Top
30 Gallon MetaL Barrel/Drum
55 Gallon Barrel/Drum Closed Top - Blue
55 Gallon Barrel/Drum Closed Top - White

55 Gallon Open Top

55 Gallon MetaL Barrel/Drum
275 Gallon Tote
Plastic Siphon
Bung Wrench
Bungs - Fine & Coarse
Hose Bib



We buy used food grade plastic barrels!
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Plastic siphon pump that fits our 30 or 55 gallon barrel. Use siphon pump when storing water barrel in an upright position.

Front View
Plastic Siphon - Front View
Threaded View
Plastic Siphon - Threaded View
Side View
Plastic Siphon - Side View
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Wide Selection
We carry a wide selection of used plastic barrels, drums, totes, metal drums, and other plastic storage containers for water storage, food grade barrel useages including the popular blue plastic 55 gallon drum and barrel pumps.
Barrel Uses:
Rain Barrel
Trash Barrel
Compost Barrel
Storage Barrel
Horse Feeder
Flotation Barrel
Horse Racing
Feed Barrel
Water Barrel
Burn Barrel
Water Collection
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